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Guides To Follow If You Found Yourself Trapped In A DUI Case in Jacksonville

The worst of this kind is a drunken driving case or DUI. If you are caught in a DUI case, if you do not act quickly, chances are that the DMV will draw it out and it will greatly affect your personal as well as financial condition. Here is a step by step guide about what to do if you are stuck in a DUI case under the Jacksonville DMV.

CheapestFullCoverageJacksonvilleAutoInsuranceA DUI case has a ten day legal period within which you can request the court for a hearing. This is the best time to hire a good, reputable lawyer with a decent DUI experience to fight your case in court. A DUI defense lawyer knows many loopholes in the law that can get you off the hook. After ten days of the DUI arrest, your license will automatically be suspended until further progress in your case. Thus, it is highly advisable to get a lawyer immediately and request a hearing within ten days. Sitting it out and waiting for a court date is inadvisable as it definitively suspends your license until further change.

The next step is to carry out a good investigation with the help of your defense attorney. Very often, a DUI case is dropped due to inconsistencies in the police procedure that was conducted at the time of the arrest. Glitches with the breathalyzer, forced submission to a breathalyzer test etc. all qualify for such inconsistencies and the case is dropped altogether. In many cases, if you have been driving with a good amount of alcohol in your body, it is advisable to miss the breathalyzer test altogether since a result of over 0.2 alcohol percentage in your blood can lead to a very difficult situation in the court room and does not leave much room for breath. Make sure that a proper investigation is carried out and attempt to get your name cleared from the case.

The next thing that you do is contact your insurance company and work out the way ahead. Many insurance companies discontinue insurance after such an accident. And even if they do let you keep your insurance, they usually hike your monthly rate since you are now a high risk client. In any case, if your policy continues, your insurance company needs to send a send a SR 22 certificate to the DMV Jacksonville, proof that your insurance is still intact. This is imperative for your o revoke the suspension on your license.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that you have a good auto insurance policy, in case of such a situation. It is extremely difficult to get good insurance at a reasonable rate after a DUI case. It is advisable that you have a ready insurance so that you can get back on your feet faster. In fact, if you do not have insurance, or are looking to lower the price on your existing coverage, you can check for all the recent insurance quotes in Jacksonville right here.

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