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Various Car Insurance Traps One Needs To Avoid

People cannot run away from traps. There are traps laid out by enemies, and traps laid out by allies. In most cases, it has been noted that the company providing car insurance in Jacksonville or in any other area also sets some traps for their clients. These traps can result in the person’s insurance costs and insurance premiums going through the roof or their insurance policy being cancelled (1). These are only the two consequences that are known and have a great impact on clients. These insurance traps are mentioned in the contract, but there are times that clients are not being informed. Honestly speaking, this traps are common in most insurance companies and have the same consequences.

The most common traps are listed below.

1.         Don’t modify your car, it’s a trap! – A person should never go for any modifications that can be made to a car. A person should keep the car simple because simpler is better and cheaper too. There are many modifications that can be made to a car but most of them just lead to the car being charged more for insurance premiums. Yes, when the company finds out that you have modified your car in any way possible, they increase your insurance premiums. One should never try to modify their car or add costly objects to the car such as nitrous, fancy windshields and other things. Modifications don’t do any good to the car, the car owner, or the car owners’ pocket.

2.         List the real driver- A person needs to list the main driver of the car when insuring it. If you insure your car and list yourself as the main driver when your son is really doing the driving, you’re in for some trouble. If your insurance company finds out, then you can be stripped of your insurance policy and you can’t get a refund even if you have paid your car insurance premiums that year.

3.         Respect the law and care for the car- A person should always respect the law when they are on the road and a person should also take care of their car. Being aggressive on the road can result in a person being stripped of their insurance policy.

You might be stripped of your insurance policy if you try any funny business with your car or you don’t obey the rules of the road.

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