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Top Six Punishments For DUI Offenders

JacksonvilleAutoInsuranceQuotesCompareThere are simply a lot of penalties and punishments that a DUI law offender can be subject to. Most of these penalties are not too harsh and are inflicted upon the DUI offenders that are offending the DUI laws for a first or second time. There are many more intense or harsh penalties that are inflicted upon the third time DUI offenders and the people that become habitual offenders of the DUI laws in a state or city, such as Jacksonville. The state’s or city’s DMV sets down the DUI laws for that particular state or city and those are to be followed by each and every person living there.

When it comes to Jacksonville, the Jacksonville DMV has laid down the law regarding DUI offenders and has also tightened their grip on the offenders as of the command which was given by the government. This command made every DMV and every region tighten their grip over the DUI offenders and teach them a lesson they will never forget. There are many penalties and punishments that are considered to be harsher than the simple penalties and punishments that a person is subject to.

These “harsher” penalties and punishments include the following.

1. Extensive periods of imprisonment – The most common of these harsh punishments is the extensive periods of jail that a DMV such as the Jacksonville DMV has made compulsory on habitual violators of the law. The people the continuously violate the DUI laws and hurt the law are subject to this specific penalty.

2. Hefty fines – The fines that are implemented on habitual offenders of the DUI laws and are way heftier and way more than the fines that are implemented on a person that is breaking the DUI laws for the first time in their life. Hefty fines ensure that the person will learn most of their lesson, and the other punishments exist for making sure they learn the rest.

3. Ignition interlock device – Upon the command of the court, an ignition interlock device might be installed into a person’s vehicle. This means that the vehicle will be locked by the law and the person will not be able to get it started until or unless the court or the DMV in Jacksonville authorizes it. Ignition interlock devices are often given as a punishment to second time, third time and habitual offenders of the DUI laws.

4. Forced attendance of drug abuse seminars – The court might force one to attend drug abuse seminars and drug use education classes to educate them of the risks and dangers.

5. Continuous monitoring – The court might order the law enforcement department to secretly monitor the third time and habitual DUI law offenders.

6. Community service – A person might need to serve the community for periods of time that are decided by the court.

A person should always keep these consequences in mind when thinking of doing something like driving while they are drunk or driving under the influence. These consequences are not something a person can easily live with and that is why a person should always avoid them in every regard possible.

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